UMNOS Showcase - University of Melbourne Network of Schools

Recently St. Peters celebrated their 3 year involvement in the UMNOS Project. This project involved working with a Network of Schools through professional development at Melbourne University to improve student’s growth in READING.

Using current research the teachers at St. Peter’s have worked collaboratively to gain a consistent approach from Prep - Year 6 to improve students' reading skills. Research tells us that  independent reading is the leading indicator in achievement for comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing. The more children read the more they will grow. Please view our recent showcase video that was presented at The Melbourne Exhibition Centre to showcase the impact we have made on the teaching and learning of reading at St. Peter’s.

UMNOS Showcase


This year's Art Expo, a roaring success for our school community

Art Show– How Magnificent!

(Extract from our Newsletter)

My very warmest congratulations to the Year 6s for preparing and hosting the magnificent St Peter’s Art Show on Tuesday night! With the guidance and support of Anne Tadinac and their dedicated teachers, Elise Monaghan, Alex Mulkearns and Ashleigh Mastin, the children have excelled in showing their sound organisational skills, their spirited teamwork and their strong sense of responsibility. I must also admit to emitting a big ‘WOW!’ at seeing the end product of all the amazing art work around our school. Art celebrates joy, inspiration, creativity and it is a vivid expression of all that life encompasses. With art we experience life more richly and fully. Well done to all our talented students and teachers who have worked hard and produced such engaging pieces! Having Brad Blaze return was a treat and watching him work was awe inspiring. Lastly, thank you to all families who were able to attend yesterday. All the positive feedback given to the Year 6 hosts, teachers and myself was very much appreciated! 

2018 Art Expo

Fathers' Day 2018

This year the St Peter’s Community celebrated our Fathers, Grandfathers and significant people in our lives at our annual Father’s Day Breakfast on Friday 31 August. More than 450 bright eyed and eager students and their Dads gathered in the Multi Purpose Hall to be greeted with a generous breakfast that was prepared by a wonderful team of Mum’s and staff who got up early and volunteered their time and toasters to help out on the day.  The breakfast was an opportunity for students and Dads, or a significant person, to share a special meal and quality time together, celebrate the wonderful role Dads play in our student’s lives and catch up with the school community! The Dad’s were treated to a short presentation about the importance of exercise and Men’s Wellbeing by Jacob from JPS Health and Fitness. After breakfast, it was fun to see some Dads and students join in our Grand Final simulation Game - The FInal Eight - where we rolled the dice to predict the ultimate winner of the 2018 Grand Final, resulting in Collingwood coming up champs.  It was uplifting to see students enjoying this special time with their Dads and Grandparents.

RE Leadership Conference Choir 

Nineteen of our students recently joined with students from Mercy College, Coburg, to sing as a choir – and they were absolutely outstanding!  The children are to be highly commended for their participation, for giving up their lunch recesses to practise, and for giving something very special to our wider Catholic community.  I was very proud to have accompanied Ms Kietner with the support of parents to the Catholic Leadership Centre for the Mass on Thursday at which the children sang.  When they arrived, the children were very excited. We were met by our former RE leader Mr Graham who said it was the first time any school in the northern region was part of such a choir. The children went into St John’s Church and marvelled at its design.  One of the students asked if in future we could have all our school Masses there.   The children were well taken care of with a scrumptious afternoon tea prepared just for them in one of the lounge areas of the Catholic Leadership Centre.  They enjoyed beautiful cakes, quiches and drinks, and were presented with their own special lanyards with “St Peter’s Choir” on the ID tag.  


On Wednesday 20th June, eight students forming two teams represented St Peter’s at the annual Mathematical Association of Victoria, Maths Games Day held at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School. The students in Team 1 were: Ryan, Elizabeth , Maryliza G & Minh-Quyen. The students in Team 2 were: Joshua , Marcus , Charlie & Lucas . This was an opportunity for students to develop their mathematical talents and thinking skills whilst competing against students from other schools. The day began with problem solving questions where each team needed to work cooperatively to find the answers. Next there were challenges of playing individual games against other students. The last part of the day comprised of engaging probability games. Our students performed well and enjoyed the competition. Team 1 finished fourth from thirty two participating teams. They all gained much from the experience and they couldn’t wait to share this with their fellow classmates and teachers.  Congratulations to each member you were a credit to our school!