On Tuesday 18th June, eight students forming two teams represented St Peter’s at the annual Mathematical Association of Victoria, Maths Games Day held at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School.  This was an opportunity for students to develop their mathematical talents and thinking skills whilst competing against students from other schools. The students in Team 1 were: Tyler, Oliver, Tiana and Gemma.  The students in Team 2 were: Jessika, Sophia, Dion and Frances. The day began with problem solving questions where each team needed to work cooperatively to find the answers. Next, there were challenges of playing individual games against other students. The last part of the day comprised of engaging probability games. Our students performed well and enjoyed the day. 

      Congratulations to both teams for their efforts and their support for each other.  

      You are a credit to our school.

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UMNOS Showcase - University of Melbourne Network of Schools

Recently St. Peters celebrated their 3 year involvement in the UMNOS Project. This project involved working with a Network of Schools through professional development at Melbourne University to improve student’s growth in READING.

Using current research the teachers at St. Peter’s have worked collaboratively to gain a consistent approach from Prep - Year 6 to improve students' reading skills. Research tells us that  independent reading is the leading indicator in achievement for comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing. The more children read the more they will grow. Please view our recent showcase video that was presented at The Melbourne Exhibition Centre to showcase the impact we have made on the teaching and learning of reading at St. Peter’s.

UMNOS Showcase


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