The purpose of the Conversation Circles at St. Peter’s is to develop and enhance our partnerships with parents, families and the wider community. Latest research shows that children and young people live, learn and grow in communities where strong affiliations and personal connections can make a powerful impact on their sense of belonging, self-worth and attachment. A school community includes students, teachers, parents, parish, community members and organisations who work collaboratively to create supportive and inclusive environments that promote health, wellbeing and enhanced learning.

Schools are also vital organisations within communities. They are unique in their capacity to reach out to community members, to engage with people of diverse backgrounds and access the range of resources and opportunities.

Conversation Circles provide parents with an opportunity to discuss issues share experiences related to parenting, schooling, family, health and wellbeing and access to resource available in the community.

We will keep the community informed of upcoming Conversation Circles via the Skoolbag App and notes sent home.

Why not come along and join us for conversation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere?