Email Communication

We value the school-home partnership and opportunities to work together to assist your child’s learning. As stated in our school’s communication policy (please see our St Peter’s School website), communication between home and school occurs in myriad ways. It is important to realise that the primary role of your child’s teacher is to teach and not to be answering extensive emails in the event an issue might arise.

If you need to use email for communication during the school week, it should only be used for the following reasons and must be brief:

·           To make an appointment with a teacher

·      To ask a question or seek a brief clarification

·      To inform the teacher about an absence

·      To request information

·      To send minutes and agenda if involved on the School Education Board or P & F Committee

Email is not the medium for explaining issues or concerns or to engage in follow-up discussions from school meetings.  This needs to be done in person.  Parents should ask for a meeting if an issue arises that might concern them.

Please note: due to privacy laws – and being mindful that the internet is not a secure forum – it is not acceptable to mention other parents’ children in emails, especially in the context of behavioural concerns.  We stand up for privacy and for upholding the dignity of everyone in our school.