At St. Peter’s School, Religious Education is at the centre of all we plan and implement for our students, staff and parents. We aim to nurture our students in faith, assisting them to develop in their understanding of what it means to be Catholic and what it means to be part of a faith-filled community. We see the need to empower our parent community as their children’s first educators in faith, and we aspire to work with them in partnership in order to support and encourage the faith development of our students.

Social Justice is a core human value and complements and extends our Religious Education Program. Involvement as a Social Justice Leader equips students with knowledge, skills, experience, values and attitudes that can be built on as they move through primary to secondary education and beyond. Social Justice Education aims to develop leadership, interpersonal and group skills and is a voice for the students at St Peter’s school.

Our curriculum follows the Archdiocesan Guidelines. Units of work are planned with our Religious Education Leader to suit the needs of the children and to link with the Sacramental Program. Many of the units also have a direct link to social justice and action. We have Social Justice Leaders in each class and these students prepare and lead social justice actions and mission initiatives.

Students at St Peter's celebrate the Sacraments in the following years:
Reconciliation in Year 3
Eucharist in Year 4
Confirmation in Year 6