Our School

St Peter’s Mission & Philosophy

We believe that students learn best when they are in a safe and supportive learning environment.   We promote this by:

  • affirming the rights of all members of the school community to feel safe and be safe at school
  • acknowledging that being safe and supported at school is essential for student wellbeing and effective learning
  • accepting responsibility for developing and sustaining safe and supportive learning and teaching communities that also fulfil the school’s child protection responsibilities

Now well into the 21st Century, we aim to build a culture of learning that promotes and nurtures Catholic values, academic excellence and innovative educational practice.  We strive to:

  • engage students’ interest in their learning by providing learning opportunities which are rich, real and rigorous
  • help students see how what they are learning prepares them for life in the real world.
  • instil curiosity, which is fundamental to lifelong learning.
  • be flexible in how we teach.
  • excite learners to become even more resourceful so that they will continue to learn outside the formal school day.

The school’s policies and programs aim to provide a cooperative learning community which caters for the needs of all students.   Students are encouraged to be active in the learning process.

Democratic Principles 

St Peter’s parish school delivers its programs and teaching in a manner that supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy. This includes a commitment to: the principles and practice of Australian democracy; the elected government; the rule of law; equal rights for all before the law; freedom of religion; freedom of speech and association; and values of openness and tolerance.