Religious Education

St Peter’s school is an integral part of the parish, striving to be a living faith community that celebrates, serves and prays together.  Religious Education is an important cross curricular dimension of learning that follows the Catholic Education Melbourne’s Curriculum Framework.

Where possible, teachers use an integrated approach to teaching Religious Education, focusing on students’ wondering, questions and dialogue in light of Catholic worldview, tradition and Scripture. This assists students to develop an understanding of self, others, the world and God. Parents, students, parish and staff work in partnership as witnesses to the Good News to support and encourage the faith development of students.

At St. Peter’s we aim to:

  • Develop appreciation and deep understanding of the richness of the Catholic Tradition 
  • Build religious self-understanding and spiritual awareness 
  • Promote openness to religious questions and to a religious interpretation of the world 
  • Build awareness of the diversity of voices in society and within the school 
  • Encourage discernment and participation informed by the Catholic Tradition.
  • Promote participation in activities that will provide ongoing spiritual formation e.g. Mass, sacraments, the traditions of the Church, whole school morning prayer, professional learning and dialogue
  • Be living examples of what it means to be a Catholic Christian community