School Fees and Levies are set at the end of each school year for the following twelve month period.

The 2021 Curriculum levy will be $450.00 per child – Prep to Year 6. As parents have already paid for the book packs separately the remaining Curriculum Levy owing to the school is stated as:

Curriculum Levy HAPARA License
Prep   $385.00
Year 1   $374.00
Year 2         $385.00
Year 3  $408.00
Year 4    $402.00 $50.00   Total   $452.00
Year 5     $403.00  $50.00 Total   $453.00
Year 6           $404.00  $50.00  Total   $454.00

The curriculum levy will be utilised in the following areas

  • Student Requisites/Stationery & Materials
  • Religious Education Resources and Sacraments
  • Student Welfare : Special Needs/Special Abilities
  • Intervention Programs
  • Literacy Resources and subscriptions
  • Numeracy Resources and subscriptions
  • Discovery Curriculum Resources
  • Art Requisites
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education & Sports Equipment
  • Japanese 
  • Swimming Program
  • Library/Resource Centre Resources
  • Learning Technologies
  • Incursions/ Excursions
  • School Performance, Community Art Show and Technology Fair.
  • Community Events


Camp payment is due by Friday 5th February 2021.

Year 4  $200 per child 1 night
Year 5  $335 per child 2 nights
Year 6  $400 per child 3 nights

CSEF 2021

CSEF applications for 2021 are attached. If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance will be paid directly to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions, or sporting activities for the benefit of your child. The annual CSEF amount per student will be $125.

FAMILY FEE 2021 – No increase for 2021

The 2021 Family School fee will be $1,790.00 per family.

You have the option of paying this fee using one of the below methods. Please select your preference on the attached “Payment Preference Form” and return to the office by 5th February 2021 to indicate which option you will be using.

  1. Payment in full at the commencement of the school year.
  2. Direct Debit Facility
    Weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments can be made from your bank account or credit card. Direct debit plans will commence in February and conclude end of term 3. If you would like to use this option, contact the office no later than 5th February 2021.  Please note a new direct debit form needs to be completed each year.
  1. Three instalments

-$1,000.00 due end of Term 1 – 1st April 2021

-$395.00 due end of Term 2 – 25th June 2021

-$395.00 due end of Term 3 –    17th Sept 2021

Payment Methods

  1. Credit Card/EFTPOS Facility payments can be made at the office using Visa or MasterCard via the remittance slip on the statement or using the slip below
  1. School Bank Account All fees, levies and camp can be paid directly into the school bank account.

Account Name: St Peter’s Primary School
BSB: 083-347
Account Number: 538760722
Reference: Surname or use 4-digit account no.