Design and Digital Technologies

At St. Peter’s design and digital technologies are integrated throughout the curriculum, using a range of plugged and unplugged devices, to equip students with the skills to solve problems that require digital solutions.

Through the use of design and digital technologies curriculum,  students are encouraged to ask questions about our world, and design, create and evaluate solutions. This allows students to become competent and productive lifelong users of technology. Students have access to a range of digital devices in each grade including Chromebooks and iPads. Students also have access to hands-on materials to encourage skills in computing science and programming, such as WeDo Lego kits, BeeBots and Sphero’s.  At St. Peter’s we have 1:1 Chromebooks for grades 4-6 and iPads for each grade level from Prep – 3 to support, extend and individualise student learning. 

At St. Peters we aim to:

  • Engage students in technology by making it real and relevant through integration in multiple areas of the curriculum
  • Allow students to apply a knowledge of information technology across multiple disciplines 
  • Encourage students to question the world around them and use technology to design solutions to problems 
  • Enable students to become competent and creative developers of digital solutions 
  • Provide students with the devices and technologies needed to allow their skills to develop as learning complexity increases over time at St. Peter’s 
  • Enable students to program using code through the use of WeDo, Beebots, Spheros and other online resources such as Scratch