Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St Peter’s School!  St Peter’s school is an integral part of the parish with its key foci: the nurturing of faith and education. The students of St. Peter’s are the prime focus of the educational experience of the school. We recognise that as a school community, we have an obligation to provide a high quality education for all our students.   Our values and attributes are aligned with ensuring each child develops to the fullest potential in academic, physical, social emotional, spiritual and creative talents.

At St Peter’s we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our school.

Our Catholic core values we aspire to:

St Peter’s school in all ways is an expression of our Catholic faith in action. Our school values as expressed in our Vision statement include: faith, respect, integrity, hope, justice, empathy, resilience, a love of learning and an engaged community.  The school provides strong leadership to ensure the core values form part of the everyday life of the school.  We are proactive in living our values and are guided by these in everything we do.

Our school’s unique attributes include:

  • welcoming, calm and effective contemporary learning environment,
  • innovative and current curriculum practice,
  • social justice initiatives – inline with Catholic social teaching,
  • professional, collegial, caring, encouraging and supportive staff,
  • engaged community with positive home/school partnership
  • outward facing – establishing stronger links with parish and wider community 

We hope that by the time students reach Year 6 at St Peter’s School that they have experienced:

  • rich, authentic and engaging learning tasks where taking action is part of  the learning process
  • challenge to reach their full potential
  • personalised learning through the setting of reading goals
  • learning intention, success criteria and effective feedback to help them to develop independence 
  • through our whole school approach to literacy and numeracy a deeper knowledge, understanding and skill development  
  • skills in assisting them to regulate their emotions
  • the value of having a voice and choice in their learning
  • using a growth mindset