School Community

Our Goal

To enhance effective partnerships within St. Peter’s school and the wider community.


At St. Peter’s School we value the contribution made by parents and the wider community.

Children and young people live, learn and grow in communities where strong personal connections can have a positive impact on their sense of belonging self-worth and attachment.

A school community includes students, teachers, parents, parish, community members and organisations who work collaboratively to create supportive and inclusive environments that promote health, wellbeing and enhanced learning outcomes.

St. Peter’s families are very supportive and actively involved in the school. Parents and teachers work together in partnership to help children achieve success.

Some of the ways parents can become involved in the school community are:

• Classroom helpers.
• School Advisory Board.
• Parents & Friends Committee.
• Grants Committee.
• Curriculum Information Sessions.
• Tuckshop Helpers.
• Working Bees.
• School Masses and Prayer Assemblies.
• Fundraising Activities                                                                                              .
• Parent/Teacher/Student Learning Conferences.