‘At St. Peter’s we are committed to cultivating and sustaining a learning community…

engaged in purposeful and authentic learning and teaching.’

With technology moving at incomprehensible speeds, the world is changing at an increased rate. Education today plays an important role in preparing students for their future.

St Peter’s is introducing a personalising learning approach for this changing world. Personalising learning develops the whole child – educationally, socially, emotionally and physically - by addressing the needs of individual learners.

Personalising learning allows students to become responsible for their own learning. It actively encourages students to have a voice and choice in curriculum design, while still attending to the important core content
that students need to know and understand.

When implemented effectively, each student is focused and engaged in the tasks at hand because they are not repeating work they already know how to do, therefore, they are being
extended and stretched a little beyond their capability. The emphasis is placed on deep understanding by engaging students in real-life issues and global awareness. By participating in the process of personalising
learning, our hope is that students will effectively develop skills such as self-management, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and resilience so that they can be good citizens within our community and beyond.

With the support of school and home, we aim to assist students to reach their full potential and play our part in preparing students for lifelong learning within the 21st century.