At St.Peters we see Literacy as central to all learning. It includes reading, viewing, and writing knowledge as well as speaking and listening skills. Teachers use ongoing assessment data to make informed decisions about the needs of their students.

We implement the Oral Language Supporting Early Literacy (OLSEL)  strategies and focus on developing vocabulary and on students being able to articulate their learning through increasingly more complex oral language structures. The development of richer vocabulary allows students to develop their thinking skills.

We aim to develop a love of reading by exposing students to a range of literature. Explicit instruction develops students reading and comprehension skills. Students engage in independent reading, student/teacher conferences to set personal goals in their reading journals, small group workshops and undertake purposeful reading tasks to develop their skills.

Students learn to write by writing and noticing the decisions writers make. We aim to develop students understanding of the writing process and to know how to vary the process for different genres and purposes. The teacher demonstrates the writing process through explicit instruction engaging students in modelled or shared writing experiences, small group workshops and student/teacher conferences where goals can be set to meet the needs of individual students.


We are currently involved in a project titled UMNOS-University of Melbourne Network of Schools, which allows us to work in collaborative partnership with other schools, in order to learn from each other and to work together with world class researchers on strategies to improve student learning. Together under the guidance of Melbourne University we are working on a strategic plan in the areas of assessment, instruction, curriculum, leadership and professional learning to improve our student’s learning in reading.