Email Communication

St Peter’s School values the school-home partnership and opportunities to work together to assist all the children in their learning.  

Emails will always be answered as soon as possible but they need to be brief and to the point without going into the details of the issue. St Peter’s School Email is not the medium for addressing issues or concerns, or to engage in follow-up discussions from school meetings. Any significant concerns need to be discussed and addressed in face-to-face meetings.  

Due to privacy laws – and being mindful that the internet is not a secure forum – it is not acceptable to mention other parents’ children in emails, especially in the context of concerns.  We stand up for privacy and for upholding the dignity of everyone in our school. 

If you need to use email to communicate with staff during the school week, it should be brief and for one of the following reasons:

  • To make an appointment with a teacher or leader;
  • To seek information and/or  clarification;
  • To provide important information to school regarding family circumstances, such as holiday plans, court orders/IVOs  
  • To send minutes of meetings.